An explanation of our English courses and online teaching.


Our coursework is divided into modules, each module has 10 units.


Each unit comprises an audiovisual component, which introduces one grammatical structure and up to 20 new words to compliment this structure. The student must familiarise him/herself with this material by reading out loud the contents (we recommend this is done a minimum of 5 times). After understanding and then practising the contents, the student will then have to complete the corresponding audiovisual exercises provided.


It is recommended that the student completes one unit per week, this is not obligatory, however, all students must be aware that learning a foreign language is a long and arduous task and can appear rather boring especially at the elementary level, so the quicker this is done the better. 


When 5 units have been completed the student will connect with his/her designated teacher, (using FaceTime if they are Apple users, or Skype, or Zoom for most users). Each live session will have a duration of 15 minutes. 


The student will be tested by the teacher to confirm that:-

1. The grammatical components of the 5 units have been understood and learnt.

2. The vocabulary has been memorised.

3. The pronunciation is correct.


If all three aspects have been demonstrated to have been assimilated correctly, the student will be instructed to proceed to the next 5 units, if any of these elements are insufficient, the student will be provided with additional revision material and will then be reassessed. (Special group sessions and timetables will be provided for reassessment.)


Students will download all audiovisual coursework and exercises from our website. Students will connect with teachers at pre-arranged times and days, according to their preferences, as established when they register and pay.


Payment is made in advance for each module, the student will receive a user name and password to access all the audiovisual material. At the same time the student will provide their FaceTime, Skype or Zoom ID and will also indicate the times and days they are available for live classes with their designated teacher/s.


On the completion of the 10 units (one module) the student will have a written and oral test, of 30 minutes duration, and will be given a grade, students must attain the minimum grade to be able to proceed to the next module.




We look forward to welcoming you into our online learning community, where you will also be able to communicate with other students from around the world.