Here we are showing some of the content available in our coursework, relating to dates, according to the day of the month. Here is a selection, in text form, of the data students require.

We are continuously adding content, both on this site and what is available for tutoring purposes, classwork and home study. As with all our coursework, we provide the material in audio-visual format, for teachers to use as part of the classroom activities and for students to have easy access to the data.

This data although wide-ranging, can be applied to students of all levels, the teacher selecting the appropriate data according to the level of the students. Such data is necessary to answer questions focused on the key question words:- “who”, “when”, “where” as well as “how much” and “how many”, the data is necessary to practise the English, both vocabulary and structures, they have learnt so far.

Follow the links below, by month, to find examples of the data we are providing.

Historical events