Children chatting


On this page you will get to see some of the videos I have been editing with young Eden, 7 years old, his mum and dad.

There will be introductory videos, with the key words and structures that students will need to practise, before they hear Eden speaking. Then it will be up to the teacher to ask questions on what the students have heard.

This is a trial and what interests me is what your students think about hearing an English child, talking naturally about things, in short video bites, with still and video images to aid comprehension and add visual interest.


Here is Eden talking, arranged by subject.

About Eden

A short introduction

About Spain

Summer holiday in Spain

About the human body

The five senses

Why do we use only 10% of our brains?

About the earth



Storms, lightning and thunder

Brazil, rainforest and atmosphere

Oceans and Antarctica

Continents and Europe

The Earth’s crust

About our solar system

The milky way

The solar system

Talking about planets

Rings and moons